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What is Web3?

Unlike the SaaS businesses of the Web 2.0 model, Web 3.0 typically involves products that use decentralised internet technologies. This includes products and services that empower the user over platform monetisation, embrace anonymity and pseudonymity over the sale of and mining of personal data and reduce single points of failure. Components of Web3 include digital identity, digital assets, decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs), decentralised finance (DeFi) and specific applications such as non fungible tokens (NFTs).

Who owns and operates Web3NZ?

Web3NZ is powered by its supporting partner Callaghan Innovation, a New Zealand crown entity established by the Callaghan Innovation Act 2012. This initiative has been designed from day one to be installed back into the community and for the community to become circular in its requests and contribution. It is not intended to be owned by Callaghan Innovation in future, although Callaghan Innovation has helped establish and kick start its development.

Who can take part in Web3NZ?

Web3NZ has been designed for Web3 ventures, founders and partnering organisations within New Zealand’s ecosystem. It also extends to businesses who might be exploring their own web3 solutions e.g. implementing a DAO, digital asset usage or new types of funding and voting mechanisms e.g. conviction voting

Web3NZ role in the ecosystem

Instead of web3 businesses operating in silos and, to a large extent, asking the same questions, we have built a platform to host a repository of information relevant to web3 businesses that they can access, consume and ask additional questions of. The idea is to build out a support community that can help develop this content and provide technical, legal and commercial support for common issues.

Is the Web3NZ community open for Web3 enthusiasts outside of New Zealand?

At Web3NZ, we understand the significance of international collaboration and participation. Hence, we welcome both learners and experts from all over the world to join us and be a part of our ecosystem. Our community is not limited to players from New Zealand alone.

How can you get involved?

You can join the Web3 Community to connect with like-minds in the ecosystem, contribute expertise or seek help from the community. Join us in Web3NZ Community To submit feedback or propose changes to Web3NZ site only, you can get in touch with us at hello@web3nz.xyz.

What is the difference between Web3NZ repository and the Web3NZ Community?

The objective of Web3NZ is to share expertise and perspectives on web3 technology and regulation with the public, both created and contributed by the community, free of charge. The platform and its administrators serve as guardians, fostering occasions to network, cooperate, and generate open-source insights for www.web3nz.xyz.

Have some more questions? Please write in to us at hello@web3nz.xyz or sign up to Web3NZ Community. Web3NZ Community

Terms & Conditions

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Privacy Policy

Callaghan Innovation policy applies to any personal and other information that Callaghan Innovation collects or obtains when you interact with us, including through this Web3NZ website, or any other Web3NZ or Callaghan Innovation website (collectively the Websites).

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