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Web3NZ is an open source initiative built to surface and publish insights that address challenges faced by New Zealand founders, creators and businesses innovating in Web3.

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Why Web3NZ?

The role of Web3NZ and its supporting partner, Callaghan Innovation, is to democratise access to the information and answers web3 entrepreneurs and innovators need, to reduce the cost and any potential barriers to entry and to help them to build and scale world class businesses. The objective of Web3NZ is to share expertise and perspectives on web3 technologies and regulation with the founders and businesses. The platform and its administrators serve as guardians, fostering opportunities to network, cooperate, and generate open-source knowledge for the repository to help reduce barriers when innovating in Web3.

Web3NZ Aspirational Goals


Economic Growth

The Web3 sector contributes in excess of $2 billion annually to the New Zealand economy by 2026.


Centre of Excellence

Have New Zealand become internationally recognised as a centre of excellence for innovation in emerging technology.


International Recognition

Increase the representation of New Zealand Web3 businesses in international markets.

A platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, resources and collaboration.

Web3NZ offers a Knowledge Hub, Web3 community platform on Circle, webinars and events, as well as showcasing innovation and Web3 expertise through contribution and publication opportunities. We also collaborate with ecosystem partners BlockchainNZ and Edmund Hillary Fellowship, and work closely with regulators and agencies across government to connect businesses with the appropriate information and resources.

β€”> Knowledge Hub

Web3 Insights

Community based thought leadership, case studies and co-created resources from Web3 builders and experts across industry and founder related challenges.

β€”> Web3 community platform on Circle

Community & Partnerships

A dedicated space for coordinating, communicating and collaborating with the New Zealand Web3 industry and stakeholders to drive innovation and progress in the field.

β€”> Webinars and Events

Industry Development

Grow and learn in Web3 through engaging in events and workshops that focus on subjects such as regulation and compliance, business establishment and interesting topics like NFTs, trading, and more!

β€”> Contribution & Publication

Web3 Innovation & Expertise

Participate in co-creation and co-authoring sponsored content and events, providing a valuable opportunity for giving back to the ecosystem.

Web3NZ Community

A forcefield for collaborators dedicated to the advancement of Web3 innovations in New Zealand. We’re founders, technologists and industry advocates helping each other. We’re here to help, have fun and learn along the way too.

Community Features

  • Thought leadership webinars & AMA’s with experts
  • QA Forum with fellow web3 community members and experts
  • Contribution opportunities to co-create, own and publish open source resources and information
  • Connection opportunities for partnerships, talent and collaboration (coming soon!)

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